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Here's our story...

Our story is simple but it’s taken years and years of dedication and hard work. Through decades of designing dream kitchens for people looking to upgrade the most important room in the house, and then delivering those dreams, to the delight of our clients AND on time, we were struck by the notion you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Why should homeowners have to make a choice? When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, why should anyone have to pay higher prices than necessary or sacrifice quality for affordability? We offer a better solution. With our decades of experience in the cabinet industry, we’ve seen trends come and go. But there are some things that never change: People want quality, service and affordability. We provide that and more, offering today’s designs that will stand the test of time using today’s technology. Our families are born and raised in North Idaho and so we know the area as well as the people, and we aren’t planning on leaving anytime soon. So, we give you one job: DREAM it. Dream your dream kitchen and then let us take it from there by DESIGNING your dream kitchen and then DELIVERING your dream kitchen!

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