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Established in the heart of the Midwest in 1977, our mission statement has always remained the same, “Our future success will depend on an ever-increasing focus on quality, our customers and the environment.”

The above statement is evident throughout all the Bertch manufacturing facilities and offices. The unique character of both our dealers and associates is a passion for quality. Family oriented and a caring atmosphere spurs company-wide incentives such as taking all associates and their spouses on trips ranging from Cancun to Hawaii when specific goals have been met. Bertch is among the Top 25 Places to Work in the Cedar Valley.

As a fully integrated manufacturer, producing all our own parts, associates are actively engaged in product and procedure reviews. They constantly interject ideas for improving efficiency. A gainsharing bonus program promotes innovation through people. On-site tours clearly depict a culture of caring about customers and the products produced, along with a strong reflection of midwestern work ethic.

The corporate commitment to quality extends beyond our facilities. Bertch partners with surrounding school communities to promote and educate future generations in reforestation, recycling and general respect for the environment.

For over 110 years, we’ve been building cabinets and accessories that last, reducing the need
for replacement. That durable craftsmanship starts with high- quality, domestically-sourced materials and skilled, knowledgeable artisans.

Every cabinet is engineered to last and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Our commitment to craftsmanship begins with our product designers, who create better solutions for the ever-changing American home, and continues with our craftsmen and women who bring the innovations to life. Our choice to use domestic forests and manufacture cabinetry in the United States shows our commitment to sustainability and country, building a future for generations of employees, customers and consumers.

At Yorktowne, we believe in creating jobs and strengthening local economies by building our cabinets here in the United States.

Take pride in knowing your cabinetry is America Strong!

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